Renovation of additional rooms in residential homes, often cause new problems in existing room lighting. One solution to the old room remains bright during the day is by making Skylight.

In general, a skylight is a hole or a window-like opening in the ceiling and roof. Its main function is as access to natural light entering directly into the house. Skylights do not need a special room, placement can be in any room. But other ways you can do to add natural light in your home, one of them is to replace the roof of your house with glass tile then you do not need any lights to add light in your room. But considering the tile material made of glass then you should also be extra careful in taking care of him. If your tile is broken due to lightning or storm it will be better if you fix it immediately in Professional Roof Repair Broken Arrow Service so as not to cause more severe effect on the roof of your home.

Regardless, if you plan to make a skylight in a dark room after the renovation, the first step should be to check the condition of ceiling and roof of your house, make sure the ceiling and material construction are possible so that there are no obstacles in the process.

The simplest idea is to create a manhole-like hole whose magnitude does not exceed the ceiling frame. Then add the wooden frame inside the ceiling, which will be used for Sandblast or Acrylic glass cover as a hole cover. Next, replace some old tile by using a tile made of glass just above the hole for sunlight can enter freely.

Utilization of natural lighting is also more save your expenses because the light into the room can replace the use of lights during the day.

If you are currently building a house, and want to create a skylight in a certain room, make careful planning for the function, design, and use of the material can be maximized.